My name is Karl Rehbinder.

What drives me have always been to let my teams grow, both through their improvements of the way of working  as well as the broadening of their competence. This is challenging for the teams, but also gives them a more variety of work and to learn to never accept status quo.

The last years I have been part of a bigger transformation of the way of working at the telecom company Ericsson. It was a challenging journey that was also very educating in making transformations, the why, what and how to make them. Equally important was the introduction of complexity theory and the Cynefin framework with its different domains, by the complexity guru Dave Snowden.

This led me to take an active choice and deeply dig into why many organisations was successful with their way of working before, but not today. What has really happened that forced this current transformation wave all over the world. And how we should think so we build our organizations to really meet the market of today and tomorrow. Can we really just discard all the old, or is the future way of working instead to combine waterfall, agile, scrum, kanban, lean, etc.? Or is it a completely other way of working we need to look for?

My leading star has become to look at the organisation as a system, in order to avoid suboptimising. And to really understand the whole and its parts and its complexity. All together to be able to find the principles, the building blocks, that are necessary for a flourishing organisation. These principles that will make an organisation flourishing and delight the customers both in the short and long run.

You can reach me at: karl.rehbinder@yahoo.com