Helping organisations to  meet the market

Today's market is very different from what it was in the past. Something has happened. Former successful companies are not successful anymore. The market requires companies to be faster and more flexible. The result has been a transformation wave over the last decade to change the companies' way of working.

Many times under the hidden slogan - Everything old is bad and everything new is good. But, probably both the former and the latter statements are not correct, there is certainly some good in both. But, how can we know what is good and what is bad.

By looking at the companies' organisations, as the systems they are, is key. Only then it is possible to find the principles that the companies' way of working is really built on. The principles are the building blocks of the organisation. By looking at today's market at the same time, we can easily see and get a deep understanding of what are really good and bad principles in an organisation. Simply put; mostly good principles - the organisation is flourishing, but too many bad principles - the organisation is suffering. Suffering because bad principles will give unintended consequences. Finding these good principles is what it is all about and I call it System Collaboration, since it is only then you know how your organisation really works.

So, it is not about questioning everything, it is more about really trying to understand how to find out how a good way of working looks like. And when looking for these principles, it is easy to find many stated principles that are only suboptimising, i.e. they try to solve unintended consequences originating from bad principles. Another way to put it is that unintended consequences are symptoms and inverted principles are root causes in a root cause analysis. Either way of thinking means that it is indirectly easy to see where any way of working has its flaws.

The blog will be the journey to find the way of working that can make any company flourish, and to get the deep understanding it should read like a book. I hope you will enjoy it.

My name is Karl Rehbinder, and you have any questions you can always reach me at: karl.rehbinder@yahoo.com. You can also register at the blog if you want to, to give comments and to subscribe on alerts for new blog posts.