Individual problem reporting in parallel

To individually report the problems seen, is a very important aspect, not only to respect our people, but also in order to not be biased by other people's opinions.

To report problems seen, can of course be done anytime, but since all the problems are connected, it is not possible to focus only on some problems, since the risk for sub-optimization is very high. This leads to that it is important to have problems from all levels in the organization, so we are sure that we will find all the root causes. We need problems from top management down to the teams actually delivering new, updated and corrected products to our customers. By doing this, we will have a network of problems, from the top management seeing for example the problem "customers complain that we have bad quality", that via a chain, leads all the way down to the root causes for having bad quality.

To listen to the problems our people see in the organization, is also really the only way to respect our people. They will then be involved directly from start, and not just informed about the new way of working to transform to. This will lead to a high engagement from our people, which will follow when we continue to collaborate on our journey to find the root causes and their solutions. By doing this, our people can understand that the solutions really will eliminate the organizational problems within the organization, making buy-in easy. Top management will not only understand that the solution is what we as an organization need to do, but also that it will go hand-in-hand with their new strategy, since the solution is built on the problems they see.

Please see here for more detailed information about the necessity of reporting the problems individually.