What is SysColl all about?

SysColl has total focus on making organizations flourish. This is especially for software development organizations, that nowadays seems to have inefficient ways of working. This in turn, has resulted in huge quality problems within the software systems across a waste number of domains. SysColl, as its name vaguely hints, is an acronym for System Collaboration™, and takes care of this unhealthy situation.

SysColl's repertoire ranges from organizational problem-solving methods to actual straightforward product development methods; with the scientific research as fundament, scaling from basic research, via applied research with several deductions made, until the actual developed methods, like TDSD, a product development method for the whole life cycle of a product. The repertoire is managed by theoretical introductions, presentations and educations including exercises, or hands-on by mentoring and coaching the organization practically. Here is more about the How?.

By SysColl's holistic view of the organizational way of working as a system, we can dissolve the systemic root causes, and achieve an easy-understood, systematic and flexible organizational way of working, as well as problem-solving methods; all the way with science as fundament. Here is more about Why? System Collaboration is needed, as well as why it is working.

Below is a clickable picture of System Collaboration. The presentational order of System Collaboration is the (basic) science at the bottom, followed by the deductions from them (applied science), right above, which means all the WHY. Over that we have all available methods in SysColl, representing the HOW. For all of you that like details, there are many links; the WHY is dissected more and more, also backed up by many examples. For more details of System Collaboration and what it is about, please see here.

Warm welcome!