Why the need and why it is working?

Do you feel that you have too many problems or impediments within your organization; too many meetings, wrong culture or values, problems despite following the recipe, transformations that take too long time, too many transformation coaches, people not included in the transformation, efficiency problems, decreasing long-term planning (which leads to a reactive behaviour), lost Big Picture, too many bugs, blaming the problems on either complexity or an uncertain world, or both, etc.? Or you just have a nagging unease, from all the permanent and increasing number of problems, that have accumulated over too many years as well; "is this new way of working really going to work for us? For anyone?"

Then, SysColl with its System Collaboration approach is for you, and with all the countless problems you perceive, you definitively also understand why it is needed.

SysColl is totally focusing on making a flourishing organization. This is done by eliminating all organizational problems found within a way of working, which means that is all about dissolution of problems. This is possible since all the deductions done and new theories found in the research, have existing basic science as its foundation, for all of its content. In short, the deductions, step by step, reduces the inherent transdisciplinary complexity, when we are developing the systems design of our way of working for our first our context and the by adding the domain. This means that the solution of the systems design can be developed stepwise, until all the transdisciplinary complexity is eliminated, which in turn will give us a truly flourishing organization.

In short, the research has been looking into why organizations nowadays with the increasing need of software product development, so easily get a suboptimal way of working regarding, which has been the primarily focus since 2017. This is especially valid for the development of bigger software systems, where it also seems that this suboptimality is forced to plague also other parts of the organization, and hybrids including hardware as well. It is about research all the way from some basic research which is context independent, but mostly from applied research, which divides into different context, to the final part, the actual development of a way of working for software product development, which is domain dependent. The research is transdisciplinary, an axiomatic system, with axioms from many disciplines, which makes it fit into formal science, to make our systems-designed way of working. It can be compared to making a systems-design for a product. No one would even try to make a new product, or try to fix a mal-functioning product, without bothering to follow the science, i.e., follow the scientific axioms needed to follow in the context so to say. This is due to the fact that all needed science must be followed, otherwise the product will not work, or still be mal-functioning. The research done in SysColl shows that it is no difference for a way of working compared to a product, all needed science must be followed in a way of working system too.

More details about the scientific research done can be found here