Why the need of SOSD?

The short answer is that SOSD - Systemic Organizational Systems Design, is needed since there today is no other method, built on the current existing science, available for eliminating organizational problems in a way of working (actually human constellation).

SOSD eliminates the organizational problems, by fixing their organizational root causes (as input from SPPA). This means fulfilling the organizational principles per se, as well as the contextual deductions concluded by System Collaboration, and SOSD is never more prescriptive than that. 

Even though SOSD is a general method, there is in many cases no solution that directly can be implemented in the parts of the organization, without high risk of sub-optimization, when it comes to the complex context of product development. The reason is that in a complex context, all the organizational principles need to be fulfilled. With the deductions made in SysColl, it is shown that the solution space is decreased significantly for the systems-designed way of working, in order to achieve a united, unified and well-functioning one.

This actually requires a major mind-set shift. The reason is that many times each part of the organization has its own sub-methods, with the believe that these sub-methods later can be aggregated to a whole way of working, or if there are problems found, can be optimized by themselves. 

The output from SOSD is either a solution to the root causes, or if the solution will be dramatic for the organization, instead recommend a transformation to a complete method like TDSD for software.

For a more full description of the SOSD method, please see here, and regarding the research here.

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