Why the need of SOSD?

The short answer is that SOSD is needed since there today is no other method, built on the current existing science, available for eliminating organizational problems in a way of working (actually human constellation).

SOSD eliminates the organizational problems, by fixing their organizational root causes (as input from SPPA). This means fulfilling the organizational principles per se, and SOSD is never more prescriptive than that. 

With the organizational principles as foundation, SOSD shows that we must start from the organizational purpose, no matter context, which then always means "top-down", when we are making any way of working. The reason for this is that SOSD also shows that every way of working is a top-down systems design, analysis followed by synthesis, in the same way as for products. That is also the only way to eliminate organizational problems, i.e., dissolution of problems. And of course, the systems design always needs to fulfil our organizational principles in order to make the organization flourishing. If the way of working does not fulfil the organizational principles, we will get organizational problems that for sure generate bad results, as well as bad human behaviour in the long-term run. In product development this would mean that we, not only risking to get a bad inner efficiency (like a slow and expensive way of working), but also risking to get a non-working, wrong, expensive and non-qualitative product as the result from our mal-functioning way of working. In worst case we get all of these non-favourable results, jeopardizing the existence of our organization.

Even though SOSD is a general method, it is for the complex context of product development, mostly the theoretical foundation. The reason is that in a complex context, all the organizational principles need to be fulfilled, which means that the solution space for a well-functioning way of working decreases. Actually, for any multi-product developing organization, the solution space decreases so dramatically, that we always need a line hierarchy, product architecture, flat virtual delivery structures and a portfolio as bigger parts, to be able to fulfil the organizational principles. All the conclusions drawn in SOSD, are also the foundation of the method TDSD for software. Detailed information of the general SOSD method, valid for solving organizational problems, can be found here.

Here below is a clickable picture of SOSD for product development, which links to deeper information about WHAT is needed, WHY it is working and deeper and deeper knowledge about the WHY, all the way down to the science behind. For a deep-dive into SOSD, please see this introduction.

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