Top-down synthesis

From the science (our organizational principles), we can in System Collaboration deduce, that for a complex context, like product development (for example software, hardware or hybrids), we will always have the ingredients of line hierarchy, systems design (of the product), virtual delivery structures and a portfolio in the solution for a way of working. This is shown, by doing the necessary top-down synthesis, starting with the organizational purpose (top) for a complex context, level by level (-down). Because, in order to be able to follow our organizational principles, we will end up with these ingredients, which also becomes the overall prescription for any complex context. Remember also that we need to take the whole product development life cycle into consideration. This to be sure that we are fulfilling our organizational principles (the science), which all together is our new systems design for our new way of working.

Since we are following principles, and that analysis is the antidot, it is really a synthesis, and not only an integration, which is also the reason why the word synthesis has been chosen.

Please see article for detailed information about that every way of working is a systems design, which means analysis and then synthesis to become a wholeness.